Manual chain hoist Pholgor - ARC type

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The chain hoists are planned only to lift free weights in the space, stright up, in condition of safe and controlled efficiency, in according to the measures and limits of use as described in the instructions of use and using accessories that the grip element (lifting hook) and the upper base (hanging hook) allow





Structure : compact and light

Reducer : coaxial with high-resistance cylindrical steel gears. Module toothing entirely supported on ball bearings closed in a carter, permanently lubrificated.

Load sprocket : with four pockets, molten, thermally treated for a perfect running of the carrying chain.

Chain guide and extractor: guarantee a precise housing and a perfect extraction of a carrying chain either in raise or in descent.

Brake : with a safety jump to stop the weight in the wanted position. The brake is automatic at weight pression and has two friction joints, free from asbestos.

Carrying chain limit switches : composed of two steel plates fixed on the discent side of the chain that avoids the chain going out if the operator tries to rise the hook lower than the maximum limit.

Hanging and lifting hooks : high resistant, in tempered steel, turning with ball bearing, with a safety divece to avoid unhitching.

Moving/hand chain : in roud steel, running on a pocket pulley. Chain and pulley are protected by a steel sheet side cover.

Carrying chain : in high resistant steel, with round links, superficially hardened covered with zinc to obtain a high resistance to wear, to corrosion and to ageing.

Hoist control : The hoist is activated by pulling manually one of the descent falls of the moving/motion chain.

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