Manual push trolley - SC type


The manual push trolley SC type are exclusively planned to move the weight applied to the chain hoist, running on the lower flanges of the beam, in conditions of safe and controlled efficiency, respecting the measures and limits of use as described in the Information of use, and using the authorized lifting machine and accessories.



Sides: in steel sheet, above which the pins of the motion.

Lower tie-rod : in steel, stopped on the sides by nuts, washers and split pinds and provided with various depht spacers, in order that the trolley is adjustable to the beam.

Wheels : in cast iron mechanically worked, with a rolling strip appropriate to the expected running beam. The wheels are supported on permanently lubricated ball bearings (simple or double)

Trolley plate (for hoist): is the base and the hanging point of the ligting unity, in steel, with an appropriate shaped buttonhole

Trolley control : is activated by pushing directly in the lifted weight.

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